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Small Acreage Timber Harvest

Tree removal is one of the major obstacles faced in any land clearing project. Conventional land clearing is very expensive and destroys the topsoil. Hauling and dumping the trees is very costly. Burning can be an option in some cases but is very time consuming and can be hazardous or prohibited in some areas. Timber companies can't afford to come out to a small acreage property. Moving and setting up logging equipment is too costly for just a few loads of logs. Forestry mulching can be an option if the amount of mulch left behind is acceptable. If the trees are large and / or numerous the amount of mulch left on site may be too excessive for some projects such as creating pasture. If the mulch is to thick grass seed can not root and grow.

New View Land Clearing has a unique alternative for the small acreage property owner. Our process provides a more affordable option than traditional land clearing. The existing topsoil remains in place and on top, where it belongs. It leaves less mulch behind than mulching entire trees. It is also less expensive than either method of land clearing when there are numerous and / or large trees. 

Our method of tree clearing is simple. We use our excavator mounted tree processor to cut down, delimb and cut to length the trees on your property. We load the logs on our log trailers and remove them from your property. This provides a few advantages. Hauling the logs to the mill offsets the costs of disposal. By removing the logs, all that remains to be mulched afterwards are the tops, limbs and stumps. This significantly reduces the amount of mulch left on the property compared to mulching entire trees. It also reduces the amount of time spent mulching, reducing the cost of clearing. 

After the trees are removed from the property we use our forestry mulching equipment to grind the tops, limbs and stumps evenly over the property. Tops, limbs and stumps mulch up finer and biodegrade faster than mulching entire trees. There is still sufficient mulch to prevent any erosion problems. The mulch left behind is perfect for enriching the soil. If desired we can even plant and fertilize the grass for you. 

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