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Clearing & surveying property lines


Property Lines, Fence Lines and Survey Lines

Forestry Mulching is hands down the best method for clearing a path through heavy underbrush and trees. We can use our forestry mulching machines along with GPS to "thin" the perimeter prior to a survey. This makes it possible for a survey crew to more easily access property boundaries. Survey crews will also be able to place property boundary markers more frequently eliminating future uncertainty. Property owners will be able to view areas of their property previously inaccessible. If your property already has the corners marked, we can also use GPS to clear the property boundaries completely. The mulch will not only make an excellent footpath but it will also temporarily retard the regrowth of undesirable vegetation. If you intend to fence the property, you will have an excellent surface to drive atv's, tractors and vehicles on without having to worry about the ruts and erosion that result from clearing the lines with a dozer. After Forestry Mulching the property boundaries, the mulch will decompose, enriching and building the topsoil. Forestry Mulching does not leave behind the piles of brush and trees that a dozer would. In short, if you have to clear property lines, fence lines or survey lines there is no better or more economical method than Forestry Mulching.

Clearing Survey Lines   


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