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Forestry Mulching

What is Forestry Mulching?

 Forestry mulching is a land clearing method by which undesirable vegetation - trees, brush and stumps - are ground into mulch by a "Forestry Mulcher". Many people associate this method with the name "Bull of the Woods" or "Gyro Trac". The mulch is distributed as evenly as possible over the entire cutting area. This retards initial re-growth of undesirable vegetation, prevents erosion, and replenishes the topsoil. Unlike other land and lot clearing methods, forestry mulching leaves no brush piles to burn, bury or haul off. There is no stripped and scarred land to erode away every time it rains. Damage to the trees you would like to keep is greatly reduced because forestry mulching protects the vital topsoil layer and delicate feeder roots. Forestry Mulchers are able to selectively clear areas, leaving desirable trees and vegetation unharmed. When using dozers to clear land you risk damaging the root systems of your "keeper" trees. After the land is cleared with a Forestry Mulcher, the mulch left behind acts as an excellent method of erosion control. This is especially ideal around lakes, rivers, creeks and Water Management areas that are very restrictive in their land and lot clearing laws. In fact, rarely is any type of permit or additional erosion control required. The landowner is left with a fresh carpet of mulch, which naturally decomposes into nutrient enriched topsoil. Forestry mulching can be done in weather that would shut down other methods. Most importantly with Forestry Mulching, your job gets done faster, looks more appealing and is more cost effective than traditional land clearing methods.

There are different types of Forestry Mulchers. Most of our competition uses carbide hammer mulcher heads. We use sharp planer knife style cutter heads. Mulchers using a planer knife system are much more productive allowing us to clear more ground than carbide hammer mulchers in a day.


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  • No hauling, burning or disposing of debris
  • Fewer Machines on property means less damage and compaction to top soil
  • Usually the job gets done faster
  • Can usually work in weather that would stop other methods
  • No piles of debris to burn or bury
  • Property can immediately be driven on
  • None of the erosion problems associated with conventional land clearing methods
  • Increases property value / increases property marketability
  • Perfect for waterfront property where erosion is an issue
  • Does not damage the roots of trees you want to keep
  • There are usually no permits required
  • Easier for potential buyers to see land from road
  • Trees do not have to compete with underbrush for nutrients or water
  • Mulch helps retain water and builds up top soil
  • Potential buyers can easily walk around property
  • Mulch will decompose into the top soil,  providing nutrients and organic material      



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Forestry mulching is our specialty. Forestry mulching is the logical choice for private lot or land owners, real estate agents, developers, commercial property owners, as well as public works projects. Forestry mulching can be done without the complicated permitting and erosion issues associated with conventional land clearing methods. From subdivision lots to forests there is simply no better or cheaper way to clear your property. 



 Eco Friendly Clearing   Cheapest Way to Clear Land

Typical Mulch from 6" to 8" Pines and Oaks 


  Bull of the Woods, Gyro Trac, Land Clearing, Brush Clearing in Florida, Alabama and Georgia 

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