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 New View Land Clearing can clear those overgrown areas that can't be reached with normal brush clearing equipment.
With our excavator mounted forestry mulcher heads we can clear trees & brush up to 30' from the machine. 

Hydraulic thumb allows us to move trash and debris from work areas as we clear brush and trees.

*Pond bank tree & brush clearing
*Clear encroaching trees & brush from sides of roads and driveways
*Retention pond tree & brush clearing
*Ditch bank tree & brush clearing
*Creek bank tree & brush clearing
*Fence line tree & brush clearing - both sides at the same time!
*Clearing trees & brush to waters edge on waterfront property
*Clear lanes for power lines / utility lines

*Clearing for public utilitiy construction and maintenance
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 Ditch & Pond Bank Brush Clearing

Overgrown pond bank Clearing brush on pond bank  Affordable land clearing Clearing for water view